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TRIAD's workplace behavioral health experts help organizational leadership address behavioral risks, organizational change, and unexpected crises.

For a given industry, an average cost for termination, recruitment, selection, and retraining might conservatively be estimated at $30,000.


Organizations operate in an increasingly complex and stressful environment. Change has become the norm and such events such as relocation, downsizing, changes in benefits, reorganization, or critical or traumatic events heighten the challenge of maintaining productivity, morale, and running a profitable business. The recession has compounded the stress as many organizations attempt to maintain services with a smaller workforce.

"He is a good worker when he is here.
        Unfortunately, he is seldom here."

TRIAD can be much more than simply an alternative way of funding therapy. TRIAD is a strategic resource for organizational leaders. Expect an EAP to assist in a number of areas:

  • Help leadership and employees deal with the aftermath of a traumatic / critical event.
  • Help identify the factors that are contributing to problematic levels of stress in the workplace.
  • Consult with supervisors on the use of fair, ethical and consistent intervention skills for troubled employees.
  • Assist the organization in developing policies to respond to potential violence in the workplace.
  • Support an organization’s commitment to a safe, healthy, productive and drug-free workplace.
  • Work with employees whose jobs are in jeopardy at the request of management to help to retain troubled, but valuable employees…saving the organization the costs of separation, recruiting, hiring, and training.
  • Help mediate and resolve conflict between coworkers and/or their supervisor.
  • Educate supervisors about problems that, if handled incorrectly, may violate laws. Though TRIAD’s consultants aren’t attorneys, we can still be a valuable resource in connecting company representatives with critical legal consultation. For instance, a supervisor may be considering terminating an employee but, in so doing, invite possible Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) violations.
  • Assist employees who are being laid off because of difficult economic conditions.

"People don’t quit jobs,
        they quit bosses."

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