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Find the services and pricing to best fit your organization’s needs and budget.
A good cup of coffee

Pricing is based on the number of employees covered, the type of plan, and options your organization selects.

TRIAD EAP's cost is $1-$4 per employee per month - the price of a good cup of coffee.

Plans include confidential counseling, conflict resolution, critical incident debriefing, training and orientation programs, quarterly utilization reports, and regular promotional materials. Optional benefits include Work-Life Services, legal counseling, financial counseling, and wellness programs.

Putting TRIAD EAP Cost in Perspective

The cost of turnover for a store clerk is estimated to be $3,800. If one low-pay hourly employee's job is saved by accessing the EAP an employer with 100 employees has already paid off their yearly EAP investment.

A 2002 Kaiser/HRET survey found that the average annual premium costs for health insurance were $255 per month for an individual, and $663 per month for a family. An EAP benefit, which also covers an employee's family, costs less than ½% a typical health insurance premium.

A recent large scale review of EAPs costs and benefits concluded: "...All of the published studies indicate that EAP's are cost-effective."

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