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Regular reporting and feedback is essential to allow employers to know whether the EAP is being used sufficiently and effectively.

Client Survey

Many employers assume the EAP is providing their employees professional support and helping them to resolve their issues. With problems resolved, the employees are more fully engaged and productive. However, how can you know for sure that quality help is being provided if the EAP is confidential? TRIAD can survey an employer’s clients, with responses returned to TRIAD confidentially. An overall summary report with no names shared, can verify whether our counselors’ were effective, caring, and knowledgeable, whether the session(s) were effective, if the employee’s job performance has improved, whether they would return to TRIAD in the future, and whether they would recommend TRIAD to a coworker. A targeted satisfaction report is available for employers with a sufficient number of employees to protect client confidentiality.

Of course, employer representatives are always encouraged to tell us whether the program is meeting their expectations and needs.

Quarterly Utilization Reports

Regular reporting and feedback is essential to allow employers to assess whether the program is being utilized sufficiently and effectively.

Quarterly utilization reports are provided and include information on those who have used EAP services such as number of clients, gender, number of clients, and problem categories.

Reports do not identify individual employees or their treatment. Protecting client confidentiality is rigorously adhered to. Anonymity is guaranteed so that employees feel comfortable accessing counseling services without fear of any repercussions.

Dozens of studies have demonstrated that EAP services can produce positive returns for purchasers in direct cost savings from reduced medical, disability, and workers’ compensation claims and even more savings from reducing indirect business cost losses related to poor work performance. The typical ROI is $3 or more for every $1 dollar invested in the EAP. According to the National Business Group on Health, "a well-run EAP will provide a positive return on investment."

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